The Pneubotics team has developed a 9 DOF robotic arm that utilizes air to control its motion. The robot’s all-fluidic design, and built-in sense of touch, achieves the human-like adaptability and robustness required for versatility in surface preparation, material handling, and inspection tasks.



The possibilities for robots are endless in a future when robotic manipulators are easy to install, transport, deploy, and are safe around people. However, most of today’s robots are rigid metal machines that require large safety cages and heavy equipment to install. This limits robots to work in isolation, doing the same task over and over again, for months or years at a time. The Pneubotics team suggests that to move the robotics industry forward; the robot arm must be reinvented.

Pneubotics robots are controlled with air.

Introducing assistive robotic manipulators by Pneubotics, because robots should be lightweight, strong, safe, compliant, flexible, and helpful to people who need to perform demanding tasks every day.